NU Internationalization

What is Internationalization?

“Internationalization at the national, sector, and institutional levels is defined as the process of integrating an international, intercultural, or global dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of postsecondary education.”

Jane Knight, 2015

“Internationalization is a strategy for an institution to respond to the many demands placed upon by globalization, and as a way for higher education to prepare individuals for engagement in a globalized world.”

Philip Altbach, 2010

Nazarbayev University – wide internationalization
Nazarbayev University has become committed to systemic internationalization in June 2016 by adopting a Concept Note on Internationalization.

Internationalization for NU goes beyond student and faculty mobility covering activity related to the academic, research and innovation activities; administrative excellence, cross-border collaborations; being globally connected and competitive; having internationalized and developed relevant curriculum and research; possessing necessary language skills, area and regional studies expertise; bringing the University to the international education and research arena; recognition of the quality of Nazarbayev University internationally and attracting international students and scholars; and streamlining governance structure, campus environment, support services and policies.

Vision of internationalization for NU

“Leading and globally engaged university of choice for education and research in Eurasia”

Priorities identified for NU’s internationalization are:
1. Internationalization of the University’s governance and structures
2. Strengthening and leveraging strategic partnerships
3. Promoting international diversity and academic mobility
4. Internationalization of curriculum
5. Strengthening research collaboration
6. Creating competitive advantage and continuous international benchmarking.

Internationalization for students is expressed in being competitive in the global labour market, understanding international issues, ability to collaborate and communicate in an international and intercultural environment, possessing knowledge of foreign languages, latest professional skills and technologies in the areas of specialization, being exposed and aware of countries and regions.

Nazarbayev University-wide Committee on Internationalization was established in January 2017 to facilitate university-wide internationalization, to generate ideas and elaborate mechanisms that will support the NU’s aspirations to become a world-class research university. The Committee gathers on a quarterly basis.


Progress on NU Internationalization





Approval of the NU Concept Note on Internationalization.

Foundation for further internationalization of NU: creation of units, student mobility development, launch of international students recruitment.

Engagement of the NU community in internationalization. Development of the Internationalization Strategy for 2020-2025.