Student Government

NU Student Government is the supreme body of student self-governance system representing the interests of students to the administration of the University, and the global community with its structure and activities set in the form of areal school of management, a model system of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Student government is guided by the principles of law, transparency, openness, self-management and self-determination. Students’ self-governance is a proactive and independent joint activity of students aimed at solving issues related to academic and extracurricular activities.


Main Tasks of Student Self-Governance

ornament Implementation of socially significant youth initiatives, both individual and collective through student organizations (clubs);
ornament Assistance in the introduction and implementation of targeted programming in student development;
ornament Organization of holidays and leisure for students in athletics and recreation;
ornament Development of external relations with organizations in Kazakhstan and abroad;
ornament Organization of activities for professional development of students;
ornament Assisting university administration and business units in meeting the challenges associated with the organization of leisure and everyday life in pursuance of a healthy lifestyle;
ornament Formation and development of leadership and managerial skills, a sense of solidarity and the spirit of unity, active citizenship and responsibility, as well as the ability of self-organization and self-development are implemented with the active involvement of students in the social life of the University through student organizations and elections to student government.

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