Institutional Evaluation

Nazarbayev University is committed to creating an environment where its community members can perform to their best in academic delivery, research, student learning and engagement. The University strives to be transparent in its activities and invited the Institutional Evaluation Programme – under the auspices of the European University Association (EUA) – to conduct an independent assessment of the University in 2017.

The University underwent an external review of its academic quality, research and strategic management practices through an extensive process of collective self-reflection.

The Evaluation Report is published on IEP EUA’s websiteIts translation is also available in Kazakh and Russian.

The University is currently in the process of implementing IEP’s recommendations. From NU’s perspective, the institutional evaluation is an initial process that will eventually lead to institutional accreditation.

The Office of the Provost coordinates the institutional evaluation process.

Office of the Provost

Room # 4006, Block C2
53 Kabanbay Batyr Ave., 010000
Nur-Sultan city, Kazakhstan