Bio and Chemical Safety

Bio and Chemical Safety Committee

The Bio and Chemical Safety Committee of the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University” (hereinafter – the “Committee”) is a constant working body overseen by Research Council of the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University” and has the status of “subcommittee” that oversees the monitoring and assessment of the university’s generation, use and disposal of any materials that are considered a real or potential biological or chemical hazard to human, ecological and environmental health. It is responsible for the dissemination and recognition of best practices and serves as a source for policy and practice developments in this area.

Section 1 – Bylaws and Procedures

Bio and Chemical Safety Committee Bylaws

Bio and Chemical Safety Procedures

Nazarbayev University Laboratory Safety Plan (NULSP)

Section 2 – Committee Membership

The Committee is composed of the following members and has to be approved by Research Council:

1) The Chair nominated by a majority (more than half) of Committee members;

2) 1 (one) representatives from the School of Medicine;

3) 2 (two) representatives from the School of Science and Technology;

4) 3 (three) representatives from the School of Engineering;

5) 1 (one) representative from National Laboratory Astana;

6) 1 (one) representative of the Faculty Senate appointed in accordance with the internal procedures of the Senate;

7) Health and Safety Department representative;

8) Core Facilities Office representative;

9) 1 (one) CF “UMC” representative;

10) An independent expert, who should not be an employee or relative of an employee of the University or its organizations, nor does he or she has a professional relationship with the University or its organizations.

 Section 3. Training

  • Training on biosafety and biosecurity

NU requires its Bio and Chemical Safety Committee members, principal investigators, and all participating staff, who is applying for the Committee’s approval to complete the relevant Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI) web-based training program.

Access the CITI training and click on “New Users Register Here”; this will take you to the Course Registration page.

Select “Nazarbayev University” from the dropdown list of Participating Institutions.

Enter your name and NU issued email address for CITI training.

For best results, use your NU email address as the “Preferred Email”.

Once you have provided the registration information, you’ll be led through a series of screening questions to determine which training modules are appropriate for your specific research program. In our case, it is “Biosafety and Biosecurity”.

NOTE: If you have recently completed CITI training at a different institution, you can add NU as a participating institution to transfer your training credit. Follow the instructions on the CITI site for adding an additional institution and changing your Username and Preferred Email. If you have completed ethics training that you think may substitute for completing the CITI program please provide a record of your training to the Office of the Provost (Research Compliance Officer) for consideration.

  • Training on chemical safety in the lab

Introduction to Laboratory Safety training 

Please register using your NU email account.

Section 4. Forms and Templates


Biosafety Application Form

Chemical Safety Application Form

Due Diligence Form

Biological Safety Declaration Form

Chemical Safety Declaration Form

Protocol Extension Form

Protocol Amendment Form

Protocol Amendment and Extension Form

Section 5. The list of requirements for submission of an application to Bio and Chemical Safety Committee:

  1. Bio or Chemical Safety Application Form
  2. Signed Due Diligence Form
  3. Bio or Chemical Safety Training Certificate

Please use this chemical classification while filling in the Сhemcial Safety Application Form

Please submit the whole package to

The applications submitted to another email will be NOT considered! 

Section 6. Bio and Chemical Safety Policies and Plans

Nazarbayev University Laboratory Safety Plan