Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University” (hereinafter – the “IACUC”) is a constant body overseen by Research Council and has the status of “subcommittee” that is responsible for oversight of ethical standards while conducting animal subject research at the University.

The IACUC has a key oversight role, including the review and approval of animal use activities, and inspection of animal facilities. The primary role of the IACUC is to ensure the ethical and humane care and use of animals in research, testing and teaching. In compliance with NU IACUC Bylaws, NU IACUC Procedures and other NU institutional policies regarding research ethics, all research projects involving animals have to be reviewed and approved by the NU IACUC.

All animal subject research projects conducted by the faculty, the staff and students of the University are subject to the Policies and Procedures of the NU IACUC.

NU IACUC has the authority to disapprove, modify, or approve protocols based upon consideration of ethical and humane care and use of animals. It also requires progress reports from the investigators at least annually and oversees the conduct of the study.

Section 1 – Bylaws and Procedures

Section 2 – Committee Membership

The Committee is composed of the following members:

1) The Chair nominated by the Provost;

2) 1 (one) representatives from School of Medicine;

3) 1 (one) representatives from School of Science and Technology;

4) 1 (one) representatives from School of Engineering;

5) 1 (one) representative from National Laboratory Astana;

6) 1 (one) representative of the Faculty Senate appointed in accordance with the internal procedures of the Senate;

7) 1 (one) UMC representative;

8) An independent expert who is not an employee or relative of an employee of the University, nor does he or she has a professional relationship with the University;

9) Veterinary doctor.

The Committee reserves the right to propose additional members to the Committee on the recommendation of the Chair with in order to share the workload associated with membership.

The Deputy Chair is elected by the Committee from among its members. The Deputy Chair shall act as Chair if the Chair is absent or declares a conflict of interest with the PI and / or the Initiator.

Members of the Committee are appointed for a three-year term, after which they can be reassigned for a similar period.

The Chair and members of the Committee have the right to voluntarily step down from membership in the Committee with a notification to the Chair and the Secretary of the Committee one month before the planned withdrawal.

Section 3. CITI Training

NU requires its ethics committee members, principle investigators, and all participating staff to complete the relevant Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI) web-based training program.

Access the CITI training and click on “New Users Register Here”; this will take you to the Course Registration page.
Select “Nazarbayev University” from the dropdown list of Participating Institutions.

Enter your name and NU issued email address for CITI training.
For best results, use your NU email address as the “Preferred Email”.

Once you have provided the registration information, you’ll be led through a series of screening questions to determine which training modules are appropriate for your specific research program.

NOTE: If you have recently completed CITI training at a different institution, you can add NU as a participating institution to transfer your training credit. Follow the instructions on the CITI site for adding an additional institution and changing your Username and Preferred Email. If you have completed ethics training that you think may substitute for completing the CITI program please provide a record of your training to the Office of the Provost (Research Division) for consideration.

Section 4. IACUC Forms and Templates

IACUC Application Form

Request for Continuing IACUC Approval Form

IACUC Protocol Amendment Form

Deferral of Committee Oversight_IACUC

Surgical Procedures form_IACUC

Usage of Animal Facilities_IACUC

Research involving Animals at a Glance_IACUC

Section 5. The list of requirements for submission of application to IACUC:

The NU IACUC handles a number of different types of applications, including:

5.1 Standard application is used for any study that is being considered for initial review and approval:

5.1.1 IACUC Application Form in English

5.1.2  CITI training certificate or any other relevant certificate, which shows that you passed a course on animal ethics subjects. All research project members have to be CITI Certified.

5.1.3 All study related materials should be included with the protocol form. Any document referenced within the protocol form should be attached in this section.

5.2 Request for Continuing IACUC Approval Form –  the IREC reviews all research that is greater than minimal risk at least annually. 

5.3  IACUC Protocol Amendment Form is used to request approval of any change to the currently-approved protocol and/or consent process. These are only considered after a study has received initial review and approval as a new study.

All applications should be submitted to IACUC Secretary