Sports Life

NU Sports complex (planned to be renamed as Wellness and Sport complex) located on the territory of Nazarbayev University, includes the following facilities:

  • Athletic Center (planned to be renamed as Wellness and Athletic Center)
  • Sport Center (planned to be renamed as Training Center (SST))
  • Outdoor summer sports fields


NU Sports complex is equipped with a swimming pool (50m*25m), a gym, a climbing wall, a multifunctional hall, a squash room and various halls (gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, fitness, dance, etc.).

Purposes of NU Sports complex:

  1. creation of favorable conditions for physical education and sports;
  2. to form the values of a healthy lifestyle among students involved in physical activities and sports;
  3. to raise the level of physical and psychological health of students, faculty members, staff and their families;
  4. to encourage the creation and implementation of innovative programs and projects at NU aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles.

 Objectives of NU Sports complex:

  1. to create an integrated team of specialists that will conduct research in the field of elite sports, recreational sports and Wellbeing based on the facilities of the Training Center (SST).
  2. to create an advanced rehabilitation center for occupational sports and everyday injuries based on School of Medicine (NUSOM).

Nazarbayev University provides training for university teams in the following disciplines:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball  
  • Track-and-field athletics
  • Swimming
  • Table tennis  
  • Triathlon  

However, due to the pandemic, training of university teams is temporarily not being conducted.