Council and Committees

The Research Council is the executive and policymaking body on research activities within its areas of competence as defined in Bylaws. It was created in 2011 and some cases acts as an advisory body to Managing Council on research-related issues.

The Research Council is responsible for:

1) Approving regulations and overseeing the matters on the University-level system of research review and support, including standards and procedures for the award of internal research support at the University level; solicitation of internal and external reviews, and review of research result; intellectual property rights, commercialization and technology development; regulating report keeping;

2) Overseeing the allocation of space and access to the research shared facilities, procurement of equipment and supplies, endorsement of budget for shared facility management and maintenance and other issues relating to maintenance and support of research facilities;

3) Approving the manufacturers, their parent, subsidiary and/or affiliated companies, as well as their subsequent subsidiaries and/or affiliates for procurement of educational, research, medical equipment for the amount exceeding 8,000 times (eight thousand fold) of the Monthly Calculation Index established by the Law on the Republican Budget for a relevant financial year, excluding the value-added tax;

4) Approving of the request for the purchase of educational, research and medical equipment, recommended by the Large Research Equipment Subcommittee or other authorized bodies of the University;

5) Developing and approving standards and definitions of research misconduct;

6) Developing and approving standards, protocols and procedures related to research ethics;

7) Developing and endorsing standards and qualifications for ranks of researchers employed in the University and its research centers;

8) Preliminary consideration and endorsement of research standards for qualifications to be used in the hiring, promotion or demotion of faculty and research staff by Schools and research Centers;

9) Preliminary consideration and endorsement of the development programs and/or strategies of the University and its organizations in the area of scientific and research activities;

10) Consideration of the creation (abolition) of laboratories and divisions related to research activities and making recommendations to Managing Council of the University;

11) Development, approval of the rules and procedures for the promotion of research and development staff for the achievements in the area of science at the university and national level;

12) Consideration of the submission of scientific and honorary degrees for researchers and making recommendations to the President for their award;

13) Consultation and coordination with the Academic Council on the issues of mutual interest concerning teaching, research and management, such as the policy on academic and research partnerships, intellectual property, as well as other issues related to research activities;

14) Formation of the Subcommittees of the Research Council and approval of their Bylaws and other internal documents of the Committees;

15) Consideration and approval of the draft of memorandums in the area of research and technical cooperation;

16) Exercising other powers related to research activities, scientific and academic research of the University in accordance with these Bylaws, internal documents of the University and in accordance with the decisions of the Managing Council.

The Research Council has 7 Committees under it that act as advisory bodies to it on the following issues:

  • Allocations Committee (AC)
  • Bio-Safety Committee (BISC)
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Intellectual Property Committee (IPC)
  • Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC)
  • Large Research Equipment Committee (LREC)
  • Research Space Allocation Committee (RSAC)