Why work at NU?

International faculty

NU is distinguished by its international faculty, which includes 500 members from 50 countries worldwide. NU is a pioneer in reforming the Kazakhstani higher education system by introducing international standards for teaching, research, and innovation. Our faculty and researchers have produced approximately 2000 international publications in the period 2011–2018 (cf. Figure 1). NU seeks the best faculty members from around the world, who will bring their expertise and experience to contribute to the development of our university and Kazakhstan.

Figure 1. NU’s research and innovation records  

Multicultural community

NU is a multicultural institution with the Students, Faculty and Staff members representing 60 countries from all over the world. We encourage members of the community to feel that they are part of a tightknit team that prizes diversity and respect, through a shared sense of purpose, values, and mission.

Research facilities

Nazarbayev University scholars conduct research in many fields, and seek to expand human knowledge through innovation, analysis, and collaboration. Nazarbayev University provides opportunities for the faculty, employees and students to conduct multidisciplinary research in the life sciences, energy and other interdisciplinary sciences in 62 research and teaching laboratories located at NU Schools, PE “National Laboratory Astana”, and PE “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” (NURIS).

Funding options

NU provides research grant support for research programs. In particular, since 2017 we have supported faculty research through the Faculty Development Competitive Research Grants Program (FDCRGP). Additional support for eligible faculty, is also provided by the Collaborative Research Program (CRP), as well as the International Interdisciplinary Research Program (IDRP). Finally, why should one consider working at NU (cf. Figure 2)?

Figure 2. Reasons to work at NU