Nazarbayev University and Harvard to discuss the Imperial and Soviet past and its Legacy in Central Asia

On May 21 and 22, 2022 in Nur-Sultan, Nazarbayev University jointly with Harvard University (Davis Center), will hold the international conference “Empire, Colonies and Knowledge”.

The objective of its participants consists in exploring the role of the multinational elites in forming and mediating the relations between the imperial center and the peripheries, as well as the development of relations between the post-Soviet countries and the West.

The leading historians, political scientists, and international relations experts from Kazakhstan, USA, Japan, Germany and Russia will attend the conference.

On May 21, the leading expert in the Soviet national policies Professor Terry Martin, who is also the author of The Affirmative Action Empire, will deliver the keynote address.

Next day, on May 22, the conference program will continue with the roundtable discussion “Eurasia and the West since 1991.”

Date and Time: May 21 09:00 – 19:00, May 22 08:30 – 15:45.

Venue: Nur-Sultan, 53 Kabanbai Batyr Ave., Nazarbayev University campus, block C3, room 1010.